Ngathem Chinglemba:

A very passionate and enthusiastic trainer having worked in various sectors in the field of aviation, banking, personal development training companies. He comes to help and equip youths with skills and strategies to help them live a valuable life. He has conducted training programmes for students in Chennai, Pondicherry, Kerala in colleges professional institutions. Having experienced ih the latest psychological personal development tool call NLP he is here to help people take life to the next level.

Ngathem Khagemba:

A very bold and energetic trainer with the background in Computer science from Hindustan college of arts and science of Madras university. Having worked in top multi-national companies he is passionate about equipping students with skills on how to face and handle challenges. The skills and strategies to take your life to the next level. Being trained by some of the finest trainers in the field of personal development he looks forward to transforming the lives of the youths through this training programme.